Thesis, So Far

I have been pretty lax on my progress for thesis. It’s been from a few things—XOXO was one of them, but also a slow adjustment to the rapid pace of school and work.

Another thing has been my choice of platform: I have been resolute on trying to find a method that I can update from anywhere, and have been feeling my way out on the best method across various devices. (N.B., this was originally written on an iPhone, and updated via desktop.)

In any case, all these excuses mean I have some ground to make up.

How’s thesis?

It’s quite the adventure right now. As I have described to enough people who have had the misfortune to run into me, my problem is not that I have no ideas for thesis, rather that there are so many ideas it’s difficult to get them aligned.

They tend to be concentrated in some key areas, mostly around my projects from the last year, and of course my work and what I spend my free time doing or thinking about.

It’s a bad idea in general to turn the day job or the side project into a thesis, I feel; it relegates you to making work out of passion projects, or designing for yourself. But I have a long road ahead of me, and there is time to refine one of these into something that helps a wider audience.

Best and Brightest

My top ideas largely concentrate in the areas of highest concern for me personally, but it’s not all that way. There’s an “Ideas” folder that I’m curating these top ideas in, but I don’t have specific pages for them yet (TK, as they say in my line of work). Here are a smattering:

Random and Miscellaneous

I throw a lot of things into a litany of miscellaneous note-taking tools, so even those most “polished” of ideas don’t encompass it all. Here are some of the remainders of my provocations:

Again, it’s unclear where I’ll be eight months from now, but I believe in these ideas and projects, and am excited to keep testing and exploring.


9/20: Changed the link for “Relationships and Intimacy” to one I had saved previously.